Partner and service provider to manufacturing industries

Partner and service provider to manufacturing industries

As Wattwil-based CEKAtec AG has transformed itself from a developer and manufacturer of power tools to an engineering service provider for all manufacturing industries in Switzerland and neighboring countries, it has enjoyed considerable financial success.

Around 70 members of staff have produced a turnover of several million Swiss francs. We are also currently training 6 apprentices in technical trades. To achieve this, the company has created a modern working environment, professional development tools and an outstanding test infrastructure for its highly qualified staff. Profitable growth thrives in this ideal environment with a high degree of innovation, focus on processes and customer proximity.

We focus on processes in order to optimize customer benefits when problem-solving. From our general one-stop shopping service through development, assembly and testing to production, we offer our customers a very wide range of services.

Business sectors

Leading international companies have long appreciated our innovative engineering and rank among our loyal customers.

Small and medium-sized production runs, complying with ISO 9001:2008, for power tools, electro-mechanical domestic appliances, electronic parts, electrodes, components and fuel cells can be handled by CEKAtec’s modern machines.